Simple Chinese exercise that helps you to live a longer life

One of the main keys to maintaining health and vitality at the highest level is working out regularly. But, what if someone has not been physically active for a long time? What kind of workout suits this kind of person? 

The answer is qigong, an old Chinese exercise that is proven to maintain health and is believed to provide longevity. Qigong is getting more popular and is practiced by people around the world. It’s easy, simple, and you can’t do it wrong. Practicing Qigong is so simple and so powerful. You can’t do it wrong. You can only do it well, better, or best. (Chunyi Lin) 

Based on Francesc Moralles and Hector Garcia’s Ikigai, one of the secrets of Okinawan longevity is their daily exercise, which consists of slow and gentle movement. One of the few exercises recommended in that book is Qigong, which synchronizes the body, mind, and breath. In a study published by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, qigong training is considered equal to a stress management program. Its slow movement calms the body, mind, and breath so they feel relaxed and reduce the stress level. In this modern, complicated world, stress isn’t something you can deny because it may lead to hypertension and stroke. So, practicing qigong daily is an alternative you need to consider. It will calm you and make you live longer.

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